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PC Technology

FinEd Concierge helps individuals gain and improve a variety of PC skills. We help digital immigrants and natives alike efficiently transform their workflow to increase and monetize everyday productivity gains. FinEd Concierge offers private tutoring and weekly 'Office Hours' style group tutoring sessions for certain PC software. Free trials available for both tutoring types; try before committing!

PC Technology Topic Coverage

FinEd Concierge offers world-class private and group tutoring services across a variety of topics in PC technology. We work with students at the undergraduate and MBA levels. Below you will find a comprehensive yet non-exhaustive list of topics we help our students with in both private and group tutoring settings.

FinEd Concierge offers expert guidance in private tutoring form for topics not listed below upon further request. Please use the contact list at the bottom of this page to get in touch. Group tutoring topics are also shown further below.

Group Tutoring Services for PC Technology

PC Technology Group Tutor Anchor

FinEd Concierge offers recurring question and answer (Q&A) sessions with experts dedicated to answering all types of questions at a very attractive and accessible price. Students not requiring a wholly dedicated private tutor join in to subject-driven office hours on-demand and ask and receive clear and concise explanations to questions. Consistent help sessions offered at multiple times every week offer greater flexibility. 

Live attendance at these small focused group courses never exceeds five students at a time. Participants learn from others' questions in a subject-matter setting. We offer consistent and dedicated assistance to all of our students! Click on the button below for a more general description of the group tutoring services.

PC Technology Group Tutoring Services by Topic

You will find the schedule of group tutoring sessions offered ('Office Hours')  by topics in PC technology.

Each Office Hours topic card contains two icons: a cart and a calendar. Use the cart in any of the cards to purchase blocks of admissions for group ALL tutoring topics. Blocks of hours purchased can be applied to any subject where group tutoring is offered (you do not need to exclusively use the block of admissions for only PC technology per se). You can purchase admission to individual sessions using this link, though it is not required. You can pay for individual sessions at registration.

The second icon, the calendar, is used to book entrance to the group tutoring session (by topic). All future sessions are found using this link for each topic. If a class is already full (five pupils per session ), then it will not be available to book. You can book admission to as many future sessions as desired. Please refer to our FAQ for more information.


We list the list of subjects offered in PC technology right below. Looking for other subjects? Other subject pages contain other Office Hours help sessions. Go to our Subjects page for more information.

The first admission to any office hours session is free!

Redeem code GROUP-TRIAL at checkout when registering for any group tutoring session. Limit one per person. Refer your friends to receive one or more complimentary admission(s)!

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