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Business Topic Coverage

Financial Accounting

  • Accounting equation and T-accounts

  • Accounting and business decisions

  • Income statements

  • Balance sheets

  • Cash flow statements

  • Reconciliation/adjusting entries

  • Inventories and long-lived assets

  • Income and deferred taxes

  • Non-current liabilities

  • Financial statement analysis

  • Quality of earnings analysis

  • Many other relevant topics

Business Statistics

  • Graphic presentation of data

  • Measures of central tendency

  • Percentiles and quartiles (boxplots)

  • Measures of dispersion

  • Symmetry, skew and kurtosis

  • Probability (simple, conditional)

  • Discrete random variables

  • Continuous random variables

  • Common probability distributions

  • Hypothesis testing

  • Sampling and estimation

  • Many other relevant topics

Corporate Finance

  • Capital budgeting process

  • Investment decision criteria

  • Net present value  (NPV) and IRR  

  • Cost of capital

  • Common and preferred equity

  • Debts, warrants and options

  • Measures of leverage

  • Share purchase and dividend policy

  • Working capital management

  • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

  • Leveraged buyouts and SPACs

  • Many other relevant topics

Operations/Supply Chain

  • Process and path analysis

  • Process capacity, cost and time

  • Procurement vendor management

  • Process design and firm strategy

  • Just-in-Time (JIT) management

  • Aggregate planning and forecasting

  • Quality management

  • Quality measurement and analysis

  • Statistical quality control

  • Service system quality

  • Queue management and analysis

  • Many other relevant topics


  • Demand and supply analysis

  • Price, income and x-price elasticity

  • Substitution and income effects

  • Fiscal and monetary activities  

  • Marginal returns and productivity

  • Breakeven and shutdown analysis

  • Economies/dis-economies of scale

  • Firm and market structures

  • Aggregate output/prices and growth

  • Understanding business cycles

  • Calculus-based economics (math)

  • Many other relevant topics


  • Marketing mix and plan

  • Market segmentation

  • Seven core standards

  • Economic utility and target markets

  • Technological applications

  • Google AdWords, CRM (Salesforce)

  • Promotional mix

  • Social media promotional methods

  • Distribution channels

  • Purchasing and inventory control

  • Pricing strategies and math

  • Many other relevant topics

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